4 Jan

Beer at BFD

Beers on Tap

We like to keep our tap lines as local as possible, and since we only have four we try to be strategic with our choices, but as many of you know we are constantly rotating our draft selection. We always keep two craft IPAs on draft, one American or West Coast and another being an unfiltered or hazy IPA (New England Style). These IPAs rotate frequently since we work with small breweries who rotate through their stock but we always have these styles available for sale. Our third draft line is something light, refreshing, and easy to drink, like a lager or pilsner, right now we are carrying the Happy Place Golden Lager by Mason Jar Lager Co out in Holly Springs. Next up will be a lager from Edit Beer Co. Our fourth and final draft line is frequently a seasonal option, right now we have an excellent coffee milk stout from Edit Beer Co.

Who We Work With

Edit Beer Co – Brian from Edit has been an excellent resource for us here at BFD, supporting us as a vendor but also as a customer. Brian has personally delivered kegs to us on a Friday a few times to make sure we don’t run out over the weekend, for which we are extremely grateful. Edit’s tap room is located on Sego Court off Atlantic down by Millbrook Road. 

Blackbird Brewing – Harmony and Ian at Blackbird have been cranking out some really great brews since we started working with them back in July. Blackbird is located super close by in Wake Forest, go check them out if you haven’t already!

Mason Jar Lager Co – We also regularly carry beer from Mason Jar Lager Co located in Holly Springs, their Happy Place lager is a favorite of ours, easy to drink and not too hoppy like the IPAs tend to be.

Photos from BlackbirdBeerNC on Instagram and Edit Beer Co on Facebook, respectively
We love to hear what you all think! If you have a local brewery that you love, let us know so we can check it out and look into carrying some new product! Shoot us an email at hello@wearebfd.com!