20 Oct

Coffee Program Improvements

As we become the community’s choice for a local coffee shop in Raleigh, we take our responsibility of caffeinating our neighbors in Bedford very seriously! That’s why we’ve made vast improvements to our coffee program in the last month. Read on to learn about our newest coffee guru staff member and the advancements to espresso drinks and drip coffee he brought with him!

Meet Joshua

JoshuaOur newest staff member, Joshua, joined the Bedford Food & Drink team to take the next step in his career in coffee. After receiving his training at local powerhouse Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC, he gained seven years of combined experience at Sola and Jubala, two of Raleigh’s best-known coffee shops.

Joshua’s coffee knowledge and experience shined when we asked him to share his favorite coffee drink: a Cortado using a sundried natural coffee. To begin, a Cortado is 2 oz. of espresso and 2 oz. of milk. Natural sundried (also called “natural process” or “dry process”) involves drying the coffee cherries whole. A typical washed process uses water to help remove the fruit from the seed before drying. Drying the cherries whole allows the coffee bean to retain more sugars as the seed remains in the fruit longer.

Josh’s favorite hobbies include disc golf, hiking, photography, volleyball, reading, and of course, coffee. His favorite sport is hockey and the Carolina Hurricanes are his favorite team (shoutout to Jaccob Slavin #74 #agtg). Born and raised in North Carolina, his favorite place to visit and/or hike is The Chimneys at Linville Gorge, the “Grand Canyon” of the east, or the NC Art Museum park.

Improvements to our Espresso Drinks

  • In-House Syrups: To allow for the highest level of freshness and creativity, Bedford Food & Drink is phasing to in-house syrups! Be on the lookout for more seasonal specials as we head into winter!
  • Dialed-In Espresso: We’re also improving the espresso itself by controlling the following variables: particle size, dose, water quantity, and atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity that affect extraction.

Drip Coffee

  • Burr Grinder: We are now ground using a burr grinder for a more uniform grind (and taste).
  • Updated Ratio:  To improve the accuracy of our coffee to water ratio, we now use a scale to weigh out the coffee.
  • Keeping it Hot: We upgraded our coffee dispenser to keep coffee at the ideal temperature during service.

The team at Bedford Food & Drink is committed to becoming your choice for a local coffee shop in Raleigh. We’re still serving delicious breakfast, lunch and small plates; order online or stop by anytime to see what all the fuss is about!